Praxis Southwest

Praxis Southwest includes the Dioceses of Bath & Wells, Bristol, Exeter, Salisbury and Truro.

Events for 2021


Thursday 18 March and Thursday 16 September both between 10.00 - 11.30 and hosted on Zoom

Speakers: James Mustard, Precentor of Exeter and Elizabeth Burke, Rector of Holsworthy

Attendance is free, but numbers are restricted so please contact Gill Behenna to register your attendance and receive the Zoom login link. Delegates from all Praxis regions, and further afield, are very welcome.

An opportunity to join in an informal and interactive conversation reflecting on the effects of lockdown upon our liturgical life. Each colloquium will be facilitated by members of Praxis Southwest, and will include some input, group discussion time and plenary. Part of the experience will be seeing how our thinking develops between March and September.

Ploughshares and
First Fruits

Saturday 15 May at 10.00am. Cost: £20 (£18 Affiliate /Ordinand)

Venue: St. Andrew's Church Hall, Taunton, TA2 6HU. See form for booking details.

A day for clergy, readers and leaders of worship in local and rural churches

Speaker: The Reverend Chris Thorpe
Chris is the author of ‘Ploughshares and First Fruits’ (his latest book of creative worship resources published by Canterbury Press) will lead a day to encourage all who seek to enrich and sustain worship in rural situations. Chris is vicar of Shifnal, Sheriffhales and Tong, three different rural parishes in Shropshire, and he has much wisdom and experience to share. His other books include ‘Touching the Sacred’ and ‘Dreamers and Stargazers’.

Our day will explore such things as:
  1. How to develop a programme of festivals and special opportunities to connect with the wider community
  2. How to draw those inside and outside the church to plan and participate in creating a special service with worked examples
  3. Time working in small groups identifying which topics might be good for their particular setting and working up one of their ideas
  4. Input on how to use invitation, publicity, social media etc

Flyer/booking form.

Committee Members

  • Chair: The Reverend Robin Lodge - Bath and Wells
  • Treasurer: The Reverend Paul Kingdom - Bath and Wells
  • Booking Secretary: The Reverend Prebendary Gill Behenna - Bristol
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Chris Moorsom – Bath and Wells
  • Committee Member: Mr Alan Cook - Bath and Wells
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Colin Lunt - Bristol
  • Committee Member: Mr Andrew Maries - Exeter
  • Committee Member: The Reverend Canon Tom Clammer - Salisbury

The Southwest region



  1. Bristol
  2. Bath and Wells
  3. Exeter
  4. Truro

Scenes from events

A good start Jo Spreadbury shall we? Baptism?  selfie?

A good start

Jo introduces

Shall we ...?

... Baptism?

Perran takes a selfie?

Cathedrals in the Southwest

Bristol Cathedral Exeter Cathedral Truro Cathedral Wells Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral

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Truro Cathedral

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